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Research Interests:

Environmental and Resource Economics (theory and empirics)

Recent Publications

  • "Global Ecological and Economic Connections in Arctic and Sub-Arctic Crab Markets," with B. Kaiser, M. Kourantidou, D. Ahsan, S. Bakanev, A. Burmeister, G. Eckert, L. Fernandez, H. P. Hong, A. Monsalve, D. Mullowney, B. NØSTVOLD, H. Park, E. Poulsen, L. Jonsen, C. Siddon, J. H. Sundet, K. Tokunaga, Marine Policy, Elsevier, 2021, forthcoming. (DOI)
  • "Don't Rely Too Much on Trees: Evidence from Flood Mitigation in China," with K. Tembata, Y. Yamamoto and K. Matsumoto, Science of the Total Environment, Elsevier, vol. 732, 25 August 2020, 138410 (DOI).


Former Positions


I am an environmental economist. I have been working on waste management and recycling from the economic point of view since my graduate stundet's era. This field in the real world has been integrated into a new wave, called "Circular Economy".

Among other things, I am also interested in impact of natural disaster on natural resource market including fish and vegetable markets.

環境経済学を専門にしています。 廃棄物管理やリサイクル、不法投棄の問題を中心に研究を行ってきました。最近は、資源のより上流にも興味を持っており、自然資源市場への災害の影響などについても研究を行っています。

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Teaching (講義・ゼミ)

Sorry. This is available only in Japanese.


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Research Projects and Resources

This introduces my projects and works as a storage for useful resource (mainly for my own sake).

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Tokai/Toyama Environmental Policy Seminar (TEPS)

I occasionally host a seminar on environmental policy. If you are interested in presenting anything. please contact me.

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InSEP | 環境経済・政策インターゼミナール


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